Backed by Naya Ventures, a Venture Capital firm focusing in mobile and cloud, we work with Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries as well as innovative product companies in the mobile and cloud computing areas. Our projects include development and testing efforts for the largest software companies in the world, major wireless operators, global mobile manufacturers and enterprise security product companies. Our teams have also worked closely with large enterprises as well as start-ups in helping them define and execute on their cloud and mobile strategies.


  • Solutions
  • Enterprise Transformation & Strategy
  • App Dev
  • QA
  • Data Insights
  • Industry Solutions


We can be your trusted partner when your company needs a solution in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Transformation & Strategy
  • Application Development, including UI/UX Design
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Data Insights
  • Industry Solutions
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Enterprise Transformation & Strategy

Our Enterprise Transformation and Strategy offering is complementary to your business model. Whether you need to update your legacy applications to more intuitive and up-to-date cloud applications for your customers or internal users; you need a consumer-facing mobile application or you need to secure your data to meet compliance standards for mobile devices, we can help with it all.

First we can help you assess your current environments and identify areas of opportunity. Then we can make your new or existing cloud or mobile presence work smarter by helping to understand important things such as key industry trends and your existing application data’s trends. Then we can move on to the next stage – a flexible design that works on your selected platform(s) as well as landing and secondary pages—all with rich optimized content within a world class UI. If you would like to add a business intelligence and reporting layer on top, our team can help with that too!

If you would like to focus specifically on your mobile strategy, our expertise from years of experience are available to you. We don’t just give you a pretty process flow. We have detailed discussions with you regarding the following key components for your mobile strategy:

  • Mobile Enablement
  • Mobile Enterprise Readiness Assessments
  • Mobile Services Design and Development
  • Mobile User Experience and Interaction
  • Mobile Marketing

Application Development

With our rich experience in cloud and mobile development as well as user experience and security, our team can guide you through the process:

From wireframe to development to testing to ongoing application maintenance so that you can focus on your line of business or other technology initiatives.

Mobile Application Development

After building and optimizing mobile apps for more than 300 companies across various platforms and technologies, our well-managed and modernized mobile application development process makes us the provider of choice for companies looking to have their mobile apps built. We help companies to unleash the power of mobile applications to benefit from an improved brand image, increased revenue, and improved global presence in the mobile arena.
We can help with the following:

Services and App Development
Application and Device Support
  • Mobile API Development (Authentication, Location Services, Meta Data Storage, Messaging, Notification)
  • App Design and Development, including application porting to all major platforms (i.e. iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Mobile Development Operations
  • Support for Mobile devices
  • Support for Enterprise Apps – Email etc.
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Security


Cloud (Web) Application Development

No longer are we in the days of simple web applications. Users increasingly require the flexibility of the cloud and they do not want to compromise on functionality, security or performance no matter which device they are using. You and they do not have to. Whether you are building a consumer-facing application or a more complex enterprise solution, we can be your trusted advisor from concept to development to QA.

Learn more about the technologies used in our work in our Platforms


Whether you are building a new cloud application, creating a mobile app, or overwhelmed with keeping up with the constant OS updates and device launches, we can help. Your users are no longer tethered to their desks. They are working and playing on tablets and smartphones. Make sure that your application is ready and constantly keeping up.

Trust our world-class testing lab and experts to perform your initial application or device certification testing across platforms and devices and then ensure that you stay ahead of constant changes without missing a beat.

motivitylabs follows a unique approach in testing applications for different platforms and operating systems. We utilize the latest in automated testing to ensure that all defined scenarios have been covered. Our in-house mobile testing and certification lab includes 120+ handheld devices: iPhone, iPad, Android Mobiles, Android Tablets, Windows Phones, Windows Tablets & Blackberry devices with different versions and makes.


Highlights of our Mobile Testing & QA Service are:
Enterprise App Certification:
  • Global Exclusive Microsoft Certification Lab
  • Major Carrier and OEM Device Certification Lab
  • MDM Testing Lab
  • Device Simulation Environment
  • Good/AirWatch/Mobile Iron (MDM)
  • Exchange/ Lync
  • VPN
  • Encryption
  • SharePoint
Consumer App QA & Certification:
  • Security
  • Device and OS performance
  • User Experience / User Interface

Learn more about testing technologies used in our work in our Platforms

Data Insights

With troves of data feeds from enterprise applications, mobile applications and other sources, how do you turn data point info useful information for decision-making?

Harnessing trends and insights from application data and other sources is key to your strategy. Let us help with our:

  • Data Analytics and Consumer Insights
  • Mobile Usage effectiveness
  • Mobile Portfolio Trends
  • Big Data Dashboards

Industry Solutions

By combining our experience across a range of industries with our strong background in mobile, cloud and big data technologies, we can offer solutions to address specific industry challenges.

  • Retail Mobile Solutions
    Increasingly, consumers do their research before their visits to retail locations and even while they are there – on their mobile devices.  Reaching these consumers in a timely and strategic manner is growing increasingly important.
  • Fleet Management & Service Delivery
    Tightening the supply chain by ensuring that materials arrive on time and in good quality still presents a challenge.  Our solutions allow all points of the delivery chain to stay in communication with the driver and receive feedback.  All of that data can be shared with the existing applications to allow for process improvement and reporting.Once a customer places an order, how does the restaurant measure a successful delivery?  Our solution helps restaurants track an order from placement to delivery and allows the delivery staff to stay in communication with the customer.  No more calls to the restaurant to track the status of an order.  Drivers’ delivery times and route optimization can all go into the restaurant’s system for improved performance tracking.
  • Unified Collaboration  & Telepresence
    Whether it is a board meeting or a daily team huddle that happens to have global team members, working in environment that is not limited by distance is key in today’s world.  We can help take your current environment to one that allows for quicker responses from team members, face-to-face conversations without leaving the office and fewer trips for just a couple of meetings.  We know that not everyone has a huge budget for unified communications and telepresence, so our solutions are built for companies that range from startups to enterprises.
  • Mobile Device Management Applications
    In today’s world, companies and IT Administrators are facing the challenge of BYOD (bring your own device) and securing their company’s and customers’ data.  With our close work with leading MDM companies, we can help securitize specific applications and take the applications through our thorough testing process.


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We show results. We’re willing to take on huge challenges, attempt the impossible, and to aim high. We believe the first imperative of entrepreneurship is to think. We assume the responsibility to invent our job, ourselves, and the company.

motivitylabs partners with industry leaders to offer unique solutions to our clients by testing boundaries and collaborating with companies across the globe. With deep business relationships with innovators, we have a strong footprint in cloud-based technologies and are jointly able to provide our clients with exceptional solutions in mobile products, services and strategies.

  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Leadership Team
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motivitylabs works with a range of customers from innovative SMBs to larger enterprises (i.e. a major carrier, insurance company and travel network) to meet needs across the mobile ecosystem. Contact us to learn more about our work and how we could help you.

Selected customers include the following :

Large Enterprises



motivitylabs partners with industry leaders across the mobile ecosystem to offer innovative solutions to our clients.

Enterprise partners:

Partners :

Leadership Team

Our Leadership team includes mobile, wireless and technology experts from leading companies.

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About Us

motivitylabs is a mobile, cloud and big insights solution provider with a global presence in India and the US. Backed by Naya Ventures, a Venture Capital firm focusing in mobile and cloud, we work with Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries as well as innovative product companies in the mobile and cloud computing areas. Some of our projects include development and testing efforts for the largest software companies in the world, major wireless operators, global mobile manufacturers and enterprise security product companies. We have also built and tested mobile applications for over 300 start-ups across the globe including some of the portfolio companies of the most prominent private equity and venture capital firms in Silicon Valley.Our teams have also worked closely with large enterprises as well as start-ups in helping them define and execute on their mobile strategy.


The motivitylabs team is comprised of industry veterans with deep expertise in mobile, wireless and cloud computing as well as the best and brightest talent from the most premier educational institutions in India and the US. Our associates have worked for global system integrators and Fortune 500 firms before joining our world class team.

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motivitylabs DNA includes company leaders who are pioneers and history makers in mobile and cloud arena. To stay current and on top of cutting edge cloud and mobile technologies and infrastructure trends, we work with innovative SMBs and technology partners such as cloud solution providers, mobile service providers, mobile device management vendors, mobile security experts and so on.

Our development expertise allows for a range of options:

  1. Native mobile application development for popular operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone for both consumer and enterprise applications
  2. Hybrid applications that blend native applications with mobile frameworks such as HTML5 and Java Scripts, Angular JS, JQuery, Mobile JQuery, Visual Force Pages for enterprise applications that engage both customers and employees.
  3. Mobile API and SDKI development – create web services APIs and SDKs (Sola-based reference architecture and Restful APIs).

We offer development of both enterprise solutions and consumer-based utility applications on very popular platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and Hybrid. As we have an end to end expertise on mobility solutions, we encourage the model “you come with an Idea and we will make it a product”. You can be assured of our guarantee to build and deliver a world class product of  the highest quality to our customers.

Our solutions in development, security, and testing include the following technologies:

  • Mobile Native: iOS SDK, Android SDK, Objective C, Swift and Java
  • Mobile Hybrid: HTML 5, CSS, Angularjs and PhoneGap/Cordova for packaging.
  • Web Technologies: Java/J2EE, Spring, ASP .NET, Node.js, Flash Action Script 3,, APEX, PHP 5, JQuery, Mobile JQuery, Visual Force Pages
  • Distributed Frameworks:  Hadoop Big Data – cloudera disributed
  • Databases: Oracle, DB2, MySQL and NOSQL Databases such as MongoDB and Apache Cassandra
  • Application Servers – WebSphere 5.1/6.0, Weblogic 10.0, Websphere Portal Server, websphere process server (WPS), Tomcat 5.x
  • Web service tools/frameworks –  RAD, Apache Axis, WSDP , Restful web services, REST API using Odata,WCF Services
  • Middleware: RabbitMQ
  • BI Tools: Oracle Business Intelligence, Pentaho
  • Search Engines: Apache Solr
  • Build Tools: Maven, Hudson/Jenkins
  • Repositories: SVN, GIT, Perforce
Quality Assurance and Testing:
  • Microsoft Test Manager (MTM)
  • Automated UI testing using Selenium and CodedUI
  • Unit Testing using Jasmine, Mocha and Qunit
  • QTP
  • Perfecto Mobile
  • Monkey Talk
  • Android Robotium
  • Selenium Web driver
  • Penetration Testing
  • EMM – Enterprise Mobile Management Testing
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM)
  • SMIME – Email Security
  • Smartcard authentication
  • RSA secure id integration

What’s Brewing?

motivitylabs technology team lives and breathes Mobile technology daily. We often thought that mobile development is straight-forward, but it is not. There are still a lot of development widgets and tools to make, security problems to tackle, mobile frameworks to learn, and fragmented mobile platform to navigate. We, therefore, need to be in a state of constant innovation not just to stay current but to be ahead of curve in the mobile landscape. Whether it is an internal idea or collaborating with mobile security product companies, we strive to stay ahead. With our affiliation with Naya Ventures, our team is very fortunate to work with the best mobile startup companies. We like to share our notes, tools and even battle scars in developing mobile products.

Some of our current works we are brewing are:

  • End to end mobile development operations tools.
  • Enhancing our MDM insights – establishing our position as an authority in MDM.
  • MDM Certification Automation.
  • Development Patterns for building native apps faster.
  • Contributing plugins to well known Hybrid development platform.
  • Cloud based bring your own data.
  • Mitek SDK – Image capturing and processing information.
  • Perfecto Mobile – Mobile Cloud Automation.
  • Glympse SDK – Real time location tracking.
  • Tizen and Samsung SDK – Integrated Samsung Gear Application.
  • Box Fish API – Search option for terms featured in television programs in real-time.


  • Android Developer Challenges   Key Challenge Areas:           Conclusion: We have provided a glimpse of the Android application developer’s challenges. By understanding the above issues, one can get a basic knowledge of what sort of difficulties the developers face during the application development of the Android device.
Read More..


  • Current Openings
  • Development
  • Big Data & BI
  • QA

Current Openings

We are aggressively looking for world class talent to fuel our rapidly growing organization globally. We attract the best and brightest talent who are looking for a challenging career path working with the latest innovations in mobile, web and cloud technologies. If you have graduated from a top tier educational institution or have worked with a top tier global system integrator/Fortune 500 firm we would welcome a conversation with you. We are currently inviting potential team members with 3-7 years on overall experience to come and meet some of our associates and have an opportunity to meet members of our executive management team.

Our team enjoys excellent benefits and compensation packages including:

  • Competitive Salary with Service incentives paid semi-annually.
  • Health Insurance for entire family including parents.
  • Lunch benefits and company matching provident fund contribution.
  • Gratuity Benefits for 5 plus years of Service.
  • Annual Company Sponsored Fun Day and Corporate Team Outings.
  • Monthly Cash, Quarterly and Annual incentives for outstanding performance.
  • Generous Employee Referral Policy.
  • Innovation Policy incentivizing employees to generate product/solution ideas.

If you would like to apply for one of our positions, please send your CV and introductory email to


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  • Web Technology ( Mobile ) – Technical Lead The candidate will be responsible for driving the architecture, design and development of rich media ad framework for large scale Insurance agency market, to be served in a multiplatform ecosystem (Desktop, in Stream, Mobile).   Key Responsibilities JavaScript, XML,JSON, HTML5 & CSS3. Built apps using Canvas and advance HTML5 & CSS3 features. Experience in Node.js is a plus. Experience in building WebApps for Webkit based browser. Experience ... Read more about this position
  • Seniors / Lead Developers for .Net & Web-Services Skills Criteria   :  .Net & Web-Services Levels                 :  Seniors / Lead Developers Eligibility          :  6-12yrs of Exp.   ASP.NET / MVC development & C# mastery Understanding of SQL query design and development JavaScript experience WCF / web services development CSLA framework, a plus WCF and Web services integration architectures including REST, a plus Well versed with Unit ... Read more about this position
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Data Analysts


Data Scientists


  • Sr. QA Engineer Experience Level : 5 to 7 Years Technical Skill Set / Competencies :  Knowledge of the following –   Different testing disciplines All phases of SDLC and STLC QA tools and techniques, bug tracking systems, test cases and execution RDBS tools like MySQL, SQL Server etc., and should be familiar in both writing and executing SQL queries   Read more about this position
  • SEIT : Seniors / Leads SEIT             :  Seniors / Leads Eligibility :  7-12yrs of exp.   •            Extended exposure to development in ASP.NET/ MVC development using C#, JavaScript and SQL •            Extended experience using Visual Studio to write automated tests •            Extended experience in UI Automation •            Experience with TFS •            Experience writing and executing test cases •            Versed with Unit Testing and Test Driven Development (TDD) •            Experience ... Read more about this position
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  • Web QA Engineer Experience Level             :  4-6yrs Technical Skill Set / Competencies :  Write & execute basic automation testing scripts (such as Selenium WebDriver, Java Scripts,   Perl, Ruby etc.,)     Read more about this position
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motivitylabs welcomes the opportunity to share our mobile insights and the latest trends in the space. Whether you would like to learn more about the company’s latest announcements or how to join our rockstar team, we invite you to connect with us.



  • Motivity Labs Hires New CEO & Appoints President – Motivity Solutions New CEO comes from Cognizant and roles highlight drive to grow company’s enterprise mobility solutions and strategy   Dallas, Texas September 23, 2014: Motivity Labs, a leading provider of mobile, cloud and big data solutions to global enterprises has enhanced its executive management team with the hire of Manish Tyagi as CEO and appointment of Prabhakar Reddy as President – Motivity Solutions.  ... Read more about this News
  • MOTIVITY LABS RANKS #138 AMONG 2014 INC. 500/5000 Company also ranks 11 in Top 20 IT Services Companies, #8 among Dallas-area companies and #12 on Top 20 Texas Companies   Dallas, Texas. – August 20, 2014 – Motivity Labs, a leading provider of mobile, cloud and big data insights solutions to global enterprises, ranked #138 in the 2014 Inc. 500/5000 rankings, an annual list of the fastest growing private companies ... Read more about this News



  • Motivity Labs Launches New Cloud based Mobile Testing Services(mTaaS) – 2013 Dallas, Texas (April 20, 2013) – Motivity Labs, a leading mobile application development and certification company and the exclusive Microsoft mobile certification lab worldwide, today launched mTaaS, a new cloud-based mobile testing service within the company’s mCloud. Designed for enterprises of all sizes as well as for software developers, the new service allows the testing and certification of applications on mobile ... Read more about this News

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